Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Still alive, thank goodness

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't updated my blog for nearly a year. This correlates almost exactly with the period in which I discovered an affinity for Twitter, personal and professional-wise. Whilst I haven't blogged here at all, I've micro-blogged plenty via Twitter. It really is a fascinating platform: especially for an Enneagram 7 like me.
free enneagram test
If you haven't had a look at Enneagram personality types, you should. The Institute website says: The Enneagram uses numbers to designate each of the [personality] types because numbers are value neutral— they imply the whole range of attitudes and behaviors of each type without specifying anything either positive or negative. Unlike the labels used in psychiatry, numbers provide an unbiased, shorthand way of indicating a lot about a person without being pejorative. The types analysis has been very valuable to me in my development as an executive in a large (small) multi-business lines organisation, and I have used it extensively in my understanding of others, and self. It's just a touch ironic that the last time I wrote here was about Sydney, and rugby union. We've just come back from four days in Sydney. The rugby was poor standard, even though it WAS Bledisloe Cup, Aust vs NZ, at ANZ Stadium. The All Blacks won (of course). It was my first (and my wife's first) live Wallabies match so that, ln itself, made it exciting. Afterwards, we went to Barbeque King - Chinese. Fabulous food. Good collection of comments here