Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tasmania's Clown Doctors Need Help - Now

The Clown Doctors support sick children at the Royal Hobart Hospital and other regional hospital in Tasmania, and rely solely on donations and funding through the registered charity The Humour Foundation (see below).

In Tasmania, the Clown Doctors are fortunate enough to have a "Clown Car" - a 1962 Hillman Minx which as been resprayed and decorated through the U Turn Tasmania program and maintained by volunteers - however they no longer have sufficient funding to cover the running costs of the vehicle and are seeking sponsorships to enable them to retain the use of the car.

They urgently need financial help - if you can help, post.

The Humour Foundation is a national charity established in 1997 to promote the health benefits of humour. Clown Doctors is the core project, and children are the focus. Clown Doctor programs are established in all major children’s hospitals around Australia and some general hospitals and hospices. Clowns have also visited east Timor and Afghanistan. LaughterWorks provides speakers and workshop presenters on humour and health to the health and welfare sector. International research has demonstrated the health benefits of humour.

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