Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vale Peter Wherrett

I have to admit, I was competely unaware that motoring identity Peter Wherrett favoured cross-dressing.

The beautifully-written obituary in the SMH had this eye-ctaching opening par:

PETER WHERRETT, one of Australia's foremost motoring journalists, lived his last few years as a woman in a small community of friends at Lake Macquarie. "This was my last great achievement," he said…

The world certainly is, as the fabulous Carole King put it, "...a wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold/a tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold."


  1. I never knew that either. Incredible. He had the hair for it if I recall correctly.

  2. yes - extraordinary isnt it J

  3. Someone once told me (1997 or so) that the cross dressing road commentator was Will Hagen.

    For years I've been telling people Will Hagen was a transvestite.