Monday, October 26, 2009

David Gray & just how good are Radiohead - really?

I can't believe it is ten years since David Gray put out White Ladder - what a beautiful disc it is. Love listening in particular to "My Oh My" "Nightblindness" and "Silver Lining", along with the popular cut "Babylon". Tempered, subtle chords with gorgeous changes that sit somewhere between the evening light and your soul. I continue to be amazed at how his Dylanesque vocals get right inside me, each and every time I come back to the tracks. Love it - great stuff.

But on the subject of the post: Radiohead. Just how good are they? It's not hard to find writers saying they are the modern equivalent of The Beatles or The Who for sheer power of influence in the work of those that followed. I have to say I find In Rainbows compellingly weird and sooo turgid in parts - but very difficult to stop listening to. I reckon I must have discovered Radiohead about ten years later than all my colleagues.

Glad that I have...

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