Monday, October 26, 2009

travel bugging me

nearly eighteen months since we travelled overseas for the most amazing trip of my lifetime....geez. I can't help but think we won't be travelling again for a while, so it gets quite difficult seeing some of the good deals that are around at the moment.

Seeing a couple of my friends' blogs (and their recent travels) has inspired me to post a few more images from our European trip last year. I really loved Killarney, and Ireland, in general. I regret a little (a lot) that we didn't get to Scotland: NEXT TIME !!

This sensational river in County Clare had me desperately wishing I had a fishing rod in the back of the hire car. The lovely old mossy bridge shape immediately took my thoughts home to the town of Richmond and its famous convict-designed and built heritage bridge over the Coal River...

The mossy old tree trunk in the Killarney National Park gardens

This is the River Liffey flowing through the centre of old Dublin town, with the "Ha'Penny Bridge" in the foreground The greenish coloured penthouse to the left is owned by members of U2. They hang out there when home . .
The doors of Dublin - just sensational.

Extraordinary curved building designs in Bath, England.

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  1. Thanks for your message! It's nice to connect again, I've always wondered what happened to you too. Looks like you've done super well for yourself :) Congrats.
    Did you know that Jo has just had a little boy? She is living in Texas with her partner at the moment but they'll be back next year. Alison is living in Melbourne (still writing plays and winning competitions) and Ianto has just gone over to Europe on a tour with his band, The Night Terrors.
    Keep in touch!