Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Engrish alive and well on the internets

In these uncertain economic times, any export income opportunities would appear even more valuable. Perhaps an opportunity is going begging:

I'm not quite sure who runs LiveLeak news, but it would appear that they are in dire need of something more than a Google translator when putting English-language versions of Chinese news stories on their site.

The yarn Man In Pain After Humping Steel Park Bench gives the reader a rough outline of what is going on (perhaps that's what the video accompanying is all about) but it's hard (fnaar fnaar) not to laugh out loud at the tremedous syntactical constructions such as:

"The bench, features “numerous small holes”. In Xing went. But out he did not emerge."

Wonderful stuff.

And what is it with "park benches" ?? This site loves 'em.

Red tailed hawk resqued after its leg got stuck in a park bench

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  1. "In Xing went. But out he did not emerge."

    That is actually quite beautiful.