Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Eye of Tintagel

I can't believe that it's almost a year since my wife and I went to the UK and Paris for the most amazing trip...the kind one could almost describe as the "trip of a lifetime". I was just looking through some shots from our days and nights around the south-west of England and came across this rather special shot of the Cornish coastline...taken through the window of the ruins of Tintagel Castle. It really was, for me, an extraordinary visit, and rated up there with walking around Stonehenge, the raw and wild beauty of the far-famed Ring of Kerry, the pulsating live show at the Moulin Rouge, the peaceful ruins of Fountains Abbey, and the sheer beauty of the English countryside in Dorset and beyond.

Ahhhh...perhaps we'll go back some day, perhaps...

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  1. Very nice. Did you go to that bloody great big Eden Project thing down that way? That sounds pretty cool.