Sunday, February 1, 2009

Phelps and THAT bong picture

Michael Phelps admits to smoking cannabis after bong picture is published

This article from The TimesOnline is sub-titled "14-times Olympic gold medal winner caught with cannabis pipe."

The Brit tabloid that broke the biggest sports drug scandal in the world for the forseeable future - News of the World - has its main header screaming What a Dope.

Did he inhale? This ripper image from the News would suggest so - and Phelps later came out and admitted that he had demonstrated "regrettable behaviour" and "bad judgement."

Towards the end of the article, however, the TimesOnline suggests that:

"...The Phelps case has a parallel in Britain where Matt Stevens, the Bath and England rugby union prop forward, faces a two-year ban for taking cocaine..."

It struck me that, as Shakespeare wrote in Much Ado About Nothing, comparisons are odorous.


  1. Can't be good for his lungs!

  2. An I forgot to say, nice pic in the Examiner. They made you look grey. Should add a warmer filter, I think.

  3. awww thanks mate - I'm in the Merc social pages again today !