Monday, February 9, 2009

Living End gong

I've got a problem with the term "rockabilly punks" for The Living End - don't get me wrong, I love 'em - just think this sort of terminology unnecessarily pigeonholes the dudes...

Rock act humbled by ARIA

"DESPITE picking up countless awards and accolades in recent years, Melbourne rockabilly punks The Living End were extra thrilled to win the Best Rock Album ARIA Award for their latest record White Noise.
``I think it probably means more now, this many years down the track as a band, than it did when we first started,'' double-bassist Scott Owen said.
``Everyone knows who we are and has an idea what to expect from us now, so to still be able to excite people and for them to put us into a position to win an ARIA feels extremely flattering.
``It feels like we had to work harder now for it than we did when we were just starting out and were a new thing in people's eyes.''

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  1. The single "White Noise" would have to rate as one of the laziest, uninspired, turgid rubbish that I have heard in at least five years.

    I can't believe that they'd release it, let alone make it the centrepiece of an album. The thing sounds like an early demo!